Planning a party can be hectic and stressful and the last thing you need is to add pre and post party cleaning to the mix. You want your guests to compliment you over and over again on how great your party was but mostly because they enjoyed a clean and refreshing environment.

Only a reputable and experienced cleaning company who know just how parties work can provide this sort of thorough pre and post party clean. Sheer Sparkles provides a complete clean to prepare your home or party venue for your guests. We make it quick and efficient leaving no area untouched.

When the party’s over and you don’t recognize your home, we are just a booking away to swoop in and return order and cleanliness to your living space. We understand how important it is to have your place or venue clean as quickly as possible. We will professionally restore an event venue after a party to its clean and organized state.

From the trashed kitchen to the unrecognizable bathroom, split food and drinks, glasses, stains and more we have it all and we can save your the headache, stress, and energy required to make these areas shine again.

Our Sheer Sparkles party cleaning service comes equipped to take on the dirtiest jobs and eliminate the mess. Spend your after-party moments responding to even more compliments or sleeping in.

What to expect from our professional party cleaning service?

Our party cleaning service is designed for all people who love to celebrate every occasion. The amount of cleaning depends on the level of mess created. Our professional cleaners will remove the leftover food, bottles, and clean the dishes. Other services would include; deep cleaning of the toilet and bathroom facilities, deep cleaning of the kitchen surfaces, emptying the bins, vacuuming and cleaning floors.

Let Sheer Sparkles professionals take acre of all your after-party cleaning needs as you focus on entertaining your guests. We are reliable, flexible, and offer our cleaning services for your peace of mind and at your convenience.

Call us for an initial free consultation for a pre or post party clean or for any other cleaning needs on 07576020984 or email us at [email protected].

Price List

Pre or Post Party Cleaning Prices
Pre party cleaning£16.50 per hour
Post party cleaning£17.50 per hour
There is a minimum requirement of three hours per cleaning visit.

Evening and weekend rates may vary


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