We understand that you may have the time to clean your home regularly, but there might also be days when you need a professional touch!

Our one-off cleaning service is highly flexible and designed to serve your exact needs and specifications. Some companies might provide a poor one-off cleaning service by exchanging speed for quality service, but not Sheer Sparkles!

Our Sheer Sparkles cleaners arrive on the day and time of your choosing. They come fully equipped to perform a quick yet efficient clean. We clean every room, appliance, and surface. We tackle dirt, dust, and grime regardless of how long they have been stuck on a spot.

We reach all the hidden corners because we know that sometimes, out of sight can be out of mind for a homeowner who cleans.

You can book a one-off cleaning service with Sheer Sparkles for a spring clean, post or pre-party clean, move-in clean, domestic clean, and more. Whatever your cleaning goals with our service, we are sure to deliver.

We are always committed to refreshing your home. Our one-off cleaning activities include:

Price List

One-Off Cleaning Prices
StudioFrom £95-
1 Bedroom, 1 BathroomFrom £115From £140
2 Bedroom, 1 BathroomFrom £135From £165
2 Bedroom, 2 BathroomFrom £155From £190
3 Bedroom, 1 BathroomFrom £175From £215
3 Bedroom, 2 BathroomFrom £195From £240
+£30 per extra bathroom, +£30 per extra bedroom, +£30 per extra toilet

We will inspect your property and if the cleaners think that the time is insufficient, we will inform you on-site. We will use a custom-tailored checklist to meticulously refresh your property. Once your one-off clean is complete, we’ll ask you for your feedback before leaving you with a thoroughly refreshed property.


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