All the benefits of end of tenancy cleaning in one place

Sheer Sparkles job is to provide the tenants and landlords with immaculate and professional end and start of tenancy cleaning service. Here at Sheer Sparkles, we aim to provide the best end of tenancy cleaning in Kingston and the nearby surrounding areas.

Sheer Sparkles understands how important it is for your property to be professionally cleaned at the beginning and end of your lettings. Our deep cleaning service adheres strictly to the inventory clerk’s cleaning checklist, and can be customized to your needs. This thorough clean cover the entire property, top to bottom, ensuring it looks great. Our end of tenancy cleaning provides the clients with great results!

Tenants: When you move into a home, the end of tenancy cleaning clause is an unchanging part of your agreement. Some landlords specifically mention that this end of tenancy cleaning must be carried out by professional cleaners. If you are unable to leave the property in the clean condition you met it, there’s a great chance you’ll lose your deposit and no one wants that. The end of tenancy cleaning is a serious job which requires specifically trained cleaners. We source and use’s the best chemicals and ways to deliver professional results.

Landlord and Property Manager: Now tenants are attracted to sparkling clean homes, it helps them to see that the home is in a good condition. In some cases, tenants are willing to pay more for an attractive and well-kept home. As a property manager or landlord, it falls on you to maintain your property’s standard with a thorough and professional clean.

Please note: Only the inside of windows are cleaned. Refrigerators and freezers should be emptied, turned off and defrosted prior to our arrival in order to be cleaned. Access to hot water and electricity is also required.

We will do our best to clean your appliances and property to a very high standard. However, some heavily ingrained dirt, mould, mildew or burnt-on grease may not be able to removed. Cupboards and wardrobes should be emptied prior to our arrival. We do not wash or clean painted walls or the exteriors of property, such as garden patios and garages.

All cleaning materials and products are included in the price and at no extra charge. Clients must provide a vacuum, mop and bucket. End of Tenancy cleaning costs are dependent on the size and condition of the property.

Don’t hesitate to contact Sheer Sparkles because we are always here to help make your life easier, regardless of which category you belong or if you’re moving into a new place, you shouldn’t have to struggle when it comes to getting your property clean. Sheer Sparkles can provide the professional, deep clean you need. We are experienced in end of tenancy cleaning for homes across the Kingston and nearby surrounding areas.

We respond promptly to your request and provide an impeccable clean that suits your needs and follows your specific requirements.

We scrub, disinfect, and clean every inch of the home according to the standards for a professional end of tenancy cleaning. Sheer Sparkles ensures you achieve your purpose for the end of tenancy cleaning service.

Price List

“A fully tailored and comprehensive checklist will be provided on the day of the clean or be sent to you be email”
As we always tailor our services to suit specific clients’ needs

StudioFrom £120-
1 Bedroom, 1 BathroomFrom £145Tailored quotation is available on request
2 Bedroom, 1 BathroomFrom £170Tailored quotation is available on request
2 Bedroom, 2 BathroomFrom £195Tailored quotation is available on request
3 Bedroom, 1 BathroomFrom £220Tailored quotation is available on request
3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroomfrom £245Tailored quotation is available on request
Extra Fee for Additional Rooms and Units that Needs Cleaning
Extra toilet+£20
Extra bedroom+£20
Extra bathroom+£20
Extra fridge and freezer+£20
Extra oven and grills+£30
Balcony cleaning+£20
Blinds cleaning+£10 per blinds


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